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About us

MERC & CO LLP is a specialist management consultancy whose core focus is to help our clients better manage and exploit risk. Our values are centred on three primary attributes: 


  • Exemplary client service, based on deep subject matter knowledge, competence and a client-centric culture; 

  • An obsession for outstanding quality in everything we do; and

  • A dedication to pragmatic innovation.

Our senior team combines decades of experience working successfully in professional services, in-house roles both as employees and secondees, and as independent contractors. 


Why choose MERC & CO?


Our team has been selected to provide a complementary range of leading expertise across key domain areas of risk, backed up with extensive track records of successful client engagement delivery and satisfaction. Its assembly also reflects our previous career experience of working with one another i.e. we already know and trust each other's strengths and capabilities.


We differ from more traditional professional service delivery models in how we staff engagements. Our ethos is to provide true experts to our clients, not rebadged generalists or senior staff in cameo roles, nor do we ask you to fund junior staff training. In our experience, such leverage-based models are often not cost-effective and can compromise the quality of outcomes and the client's experience.


Choosing to partner with us therefore means work will be delivered by our respective lead experts who will be fully engaged and focused on you throughout an engagement. We want you to feel like you have the smartest, most motivated and passionate people in the industry looking out for you and your organisation. We will not always have the answers, but we will do everything we can to find them for you. Critically, we also want you to feel like we truly value your guidance and opinion; consultants often carry an air of arrogance and, while we bring assuredness and clarity in our approach, we remain open and humble to new ideas and advice. 


The team’s broad sectoral and domain expertise also means we want to share with you new ideas, thoughts, innovations and ways of working on a daily basis. We don’t promote change for change’s sake - not everything has to be disruptive to add value - but we do believe that the skills of creativity and leadership are twin bedfellows, which will define the future of risk management. We want to be part of the wave that creates that future, and want to take you with us on this journey. 

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